Elevate Your Porsche Cayenne's Off-Road Adventures with the Ultimate Lift Kit by Berg Peaks

Elevate Your Porsche Cayenne's Off-Road Adventures with the Ultimate Lift Kit by Berg Peaks

Introducing the OEV+ Lift Kit: Redefining Off-Roading for Your Porsche  Cayenne As a Porsche Cayenne owner, you know that pushing the  boundaries of performance and versatility is part of the thrill. The OEV+ Lift Kit by Berg Peaks is purpose-built to enhance your Cayenne's capabilities, offering a smoother and more traditional handling feel while allowing for an impressive 2" lift. Additionally, this lift kit includes a 1/2" subframe drop, ensuring that the CV axles are set at the correct angles for optimal performance. Developed in collaboration with Figs Engineering, this lift kit, with its innovative design and unique features, surpasses traditional lifting methods and sets itself apart from any other air suspension lift kit on the market. By incorporating a volumetric air spacer, which allows air to pass through it, and an air volume spacer to maintain the strut mount position, this kit revolutionizes the concept of lift kits. 

By increasing the air volume within the shock, this kit enables us to lower the essential spring rate of the shock when adding more to achieve higher ride height levels. This advanced approach provides optimal performance for your European SUV.

Unleash Your Cayenne's True Potential Off-Road The factory air  suspension system in your Cayenne demands precise calibration and  feedback, making the lifting process complex. Berg Peaks recognized  these challenges and has engineered the OEV+ Lift Kit to offer a  transformative off-roading experience without compromising your  vehicle's axle integrity. Unlike other lifts on the market that weaken  critical structural connections, the OEV+ Lift Kit preserves the upper  control arm basket's strength, ensuring precise steering, feedback, and  enhanced safety even under heavy loads. 

Unparalleled Performance and Comfort, On and Off the Road Lifting an  air-equipped vehicle like the Cayenne poses unique challenges, including  altering the airbag system's pressure and affecting spring rates and travel.  With the OEV+ Lift Kit, Berg Peaks has taken a comprehensive approach  to optimize your vehicle's performance and maintain its luxurious ride  quality. This innovative lift kit strikes the perfect balance between  preserving the Cayenne's driving character and delivering a fantastic,  balanced ride that rivals the factory experience. 

Exceptional Features and Impeccable Craftsmanship The OEV+ Lift Kit by  Berg Peaks boasts an array of features and meticulous engineering that  set it apart as the ultimate choice for your Porsche Cayenne. Let's explore  some standout aspects of this exceptional product: 

Enhanced Droop Capability: The lift kit allows for increased droop under  pressure, ensuring your Cayenne maintains excellent traction and stability  when conquering off-road obstacles. 

Lift Level Links: Experience the freedom to achieve your  desired lift within the axle travel limits, eliminating the need for  restrictive subframe drops. 

OEV+ Volume Spacer: The OEV+ Volume Adder provides a separate bleed  cavity, allowing for larger suspension travel events and effective velocity  management, resulting in a smooth and controlled ride. 

Uncompromised Structural Integrity: Berg Peaks' engineering expertise ensures that the OEV+ Lift Kit maintains the Cayenne's structural integrity, guaranteeing optimal safety and performance during demanding off-road adventures. The kit includes a Lift spacer, crafted from high-quality 6061 Billet Aluminum and machined with a precise sealing O-ring groove that matches the factory O-ring. This meticulous construction ensures a secure and durable fit. 

Additionally, the Volumetric spacer is made from Carbon-nylon FDM material, providing an emergency bump stop if the strut bearing were to fail. To further enhance stability, the kit is installed using longer grade 8.8 flange hardware; we use the highest grade bolts and never sacrifice quality for cost. With these components and materials, the OEV+ Lift Kit from Berg Peaks not only delivers superior off-road capability but also maintains the Cayenne's original structural integrity.

Versatile Ride Heights: Enjoy the freedom to adjust your ride height between 1 to 4 inches, empowering you to adapt to various off-road conditions and personal preferences. The vehicle offers four selectable ride heights, each with approximately a 1-inch difference, allowing you to customize your driving experience. Whether you prefer a sporty driving style, normal mode for everyday use, or need enhanced capabilities for challenging terrains.
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