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From ALPHAequipt wheels’ dual valve system and knurling to their precise fitments, they are ready to be a part of all the adventures off-roaders plan on throwing their overlanding wheels.

Inspired by classics and redesigned utilizing a crowd source approach, each wheel is created with the following mission critical components in mind.

Diameter and Width

Careful consideration is taken when optimizing maximum contact patch and sidewall for every vehicle application. Performance and safety via the use of correctly sized diameters and widths that do not interfere with the factory suspension geometry, components and body panels are built into their wheel designs. Primarily ALPHAequipt manufactures 17” wheels to stay within OEM specs for off-roading platforms. In addition, a serrated rim edge design helps hide deep scratches and signs of wear from off-road use.

Airing Down

ALPHAequipt wheels have a dual valve air stem allowing for the simultaneous checking of air pressure when airing up or down the tire. Because one of the most effective ways to increase maximum traction in off-road environments is to lower tire pressure on all four corners of your vehicle (airing down). By lowering tire psi, the tire’s contact patch expands as the pressure lowers which allows the driver to attack hazards and obstacles with increased traction. 30 psi is typically what is used on the street where the asphalt is more forgiving. Off-road environments with dynamic surfaces that include dirt, gravel, and sand require a bigger contact patch. 10 psi is optimal for these environments. A knurled rim flange creates increased bite in low tire pressure situations to help prevent tire slip, as well.

Optimal Offsets

ALPHAequipt wheels are designed with offsets that deliver maximum performance both on and off road, headed in a straight line on the highway or crawling on a rock face in Moab. Some prefer a deep dish and others want a flat face. Both are taken into consideration when designing ALPHAequipt wheels and are coupled with an emphasis on structural integrity and minimizing stress on the wheel bearings and hub.

Scrub Radius

An often overlooked variable in suspension and wheel fitment is scrub radius. Scrub radius is the point of intersection of the center of the tire and the imaginary line angle of the suspension column. in an ideal situation, the axis should cross right at the center of the tire to give zero scrub radius in favor of driving dynamics. When the wheel offsets are too positive or negative, adverse effects such as excessive toe-in/out, tracking, and excess load on wheel bearings can occur. Scrub radius is factored into every ALPHAequipt wheel spec.

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