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Enhance Your Porsche Cayenne's Off-Road Performance with Adjustable Upper Control Arms by Berg Peaks

Closing the Gap in Porsche Off-Road Upgrades: When it comes to the  Porsche name, performance is paramount. However, the off-road market  for Porsche vehicles has often been underserved. At Berg Peaks, we  recognized this gap and decided to develop a solution that would  enhance the off-road potential of Porsche Cayenne owners. By partnering  with Figs Engineering, we have created adjustable upper control arms  that not only withstands the toughest conditions but also adds a touch of style with high-quality components, finishes, and a durability and precision-engineered

Key Features That Optimize Off-Road Performance: Our adjustable upper  control arms for Porsche Cayenne are equipped with an array of features  designed to optimize your off-road performance. Here are the standout  features that set our control arms apart: 

High Misalignment TTX Ball Joint: The control arms feature a high misalignment TTX ball joint with sintered metal bearing races, fully greaseable through a grease fitting. This ensures exceptional support and durability, even during the most demanding off-road excursion

Robust Construction: Crafted from 100% TIG-welded boxed member  steel, our control arms are built to withstand extreme conditions while  maintaining structural integrity. Rest assured that every component is  constructed with meticulous attention to detail. 

Billet Ball Joint Slider Plate: Our control arms are equipped with a billet  ball joint slider plate that offers 3.5 degrees of camber adjustment. The innovative  "Pry-to-adjust" method allows for seamless movement between limit  tabs, enabling precise fine-tuning according to your specific needs. 

X-Axis Sealed Inner Bearing Joints: The X-axis sealed inner bearing joints  eliminate deflection or play, providing a responsive and precise driving  experience on both on and off-road surfaces. These joints are designed  with booted protection to ensure longevity. 

Factory-Compatible Air Leveling Mount: The control arms retain the  precise factory location of the air leveling mount, allowing for a hassle free installation process. Compatibility is ensured, enabling seamless  integration with your Porsche Cayenne's existing system. 

Friction Hold Sliding Ball Joint Plate: The sliding ball joint plate  incorporates a friction hold mechanism that delivers feedback on position  without overshooting. This feature enhances your control and  maneuverability, ensuring a confident off-road driving experience. 

Serviceability and Warranty: We understand the importance of reliability.  Our control arms are fully serviceable, and with parts readily available in  the USA, maintenance and repairs are a breeze. Additionally, we offer a 2- year warranty against construction defects, providing peace of mind for  your investment. 

Technical Excellence for Your Porsche Cayenne: The adjustable upper  control arms by Berg Peaks are engineered using top-of-the-line materials  and advanced manufacturing techniques. Here are the technical  specifications that contribute to their exceptional performance: 

1010 Alloy Boxed Steel Plate Construction: The control arms are  constructed using 1010 alloy boxed steel plates, ensuring outstanding  strength and rigidity. This construction guarantees durability and  longevity in the face of challenging off-road conditions. 

6061-T6 Billet CNC Ball Joint Plate: The billet CNC ball joint plate is made  from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and features precise CNC machining. This  anodized plate provides corrosion resistance and allows for reliable  adjustment capabilities. 

MV-TTX Ball Joint: With 35 degrees of misalignment and a snap-retained  dust boot, the MV-TTX ball joint offers exceptional articulation, allowing  your Porsche Cayenne to navigate uneven terrain with ease while  protecting the joint from dust and debris. 

X-Axis Joints: The control arms are equipped with X-axis joints featuring  sealed grease-packed nylon race axial joints and high-polished  electroless-nickel plating. These joints offer optimal performance,  ensuring responsive handling and stability. 

Upgrade your Porsche Cayenne's off-road potential with the  adjustable upper control arms made by Berg Peaks. These meticulously  crafted control arms provide durability, adjustability, and precision,  allowing you to conquer any off-road challenge with confidence. Elevate  your driving experience and unlock the full potential of your Porsche  Cayenne in the world of off-roading.

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