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Atlas VR6, Zero to Hero Package, with Flush Plus 20/25mm wheel spacers

Atlas VR6, Zero to Hero Package, with Flush Plus 20/25mm wheel spacers

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This combo combines our Camber Correcting Lift Kit with our most popular accompanying upgrades for the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models at a discount!

Camber Correcting Lift Kit - Best handling and ride quality and the necessary camber correction for the 1.5" lift provided.

Flush Plus Wheel Spacer Kit - 20mm front and 25mm rear wheel spacers for flush wheel fitment and maximum turning clearance with OEM wheels or near OEM offset aftermarket wheels.

BFT Block Kit - Our proprietary solution secures the OEM plastic fender liners out of harm's way for maximum tire clearance.

Start Stop Solution - This plug and play module reverses the function of the OEM start/stop button. On start up the feature is turned off and can be enabled via a press of the factory button.

Neuspeed Intake - One of the best ways to increase power and efficiency on a vehicle is to make it easier for air to enter the engine. With Neuspeed's P-Flo intake you can expect more power, torque, better economy, and a great sound under acceleration.

Resonator Delete - The Atlas exhaust system is equipped with a resonator and muffler. Our simple bolt it resonator delete gives a slightly deeper tone without drone or being too loud for passengers.

Hardware Kit - Latest revision OEM replacement hardware for all one time use nuts and bolts removed during lift kit installation.

Strut Mount and Strut Bearing kit - The latest revision updated OEM versions of both the strut mount and bearing ensure long life and avoid the need to readdress the front suspension for noise issues.

Rear Shock Extension Kit - Extends rear shocks to compensate for lifting, improve handling, comfort, and shock life on road and off. 

Front Sway Bar End Links - Optimized length for lifted ride height which improves comfort and performance on all surfaces.

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