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B2BFAB Axle Spacer Kit, for DSG Mk5/6/7 TDI

B2BFAB Axle Spacer Kit, for DSG Mk5/6/7 TDI

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This kit works with TDI Mk5/6/7 vehicles equipped with tripod style axles in need of improved geometry from lifting or aggressive lowering. *One kit per side

Our kit includes full color install instructions and can be done without removal of the entire axle, thus making for a very straightforward install, especially during the lift kit install process,

Please note - If your axle is damaged or past it's mechanical limits, noise, binding, or vibration could still be a concern. At this point we suggest axle replacement. We strongly suggest new or used OEM axles over lower quality new aftermarket unit. 

*Does not fit Mk5/6/7 equipped with 100mm axle flanges.

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