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B2BFAB Axle Spacer Kit, for Alltrack / Golf / GTI / Sportwagen, Mk4/5/6/7 w/108mm axles

B2BFAB Axle Spacer Kit, for Alltrack / Golf / GTI / Sportwagen, Mk4/5/6/7 w/108mm axles

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This kit works with all 108mm flanged MK4/5/6/7 manual or DSG vehicles in need of improved geometry from lifting or aggressive lowering. *One kit per side

Originally designed for post facelift Alltracks and 4 Motion Golf Sportwagens equipped with the shorter driver side axle.  This spacer kit has proven to be a cost effective way to correct for the axle geometry when lifting or aggressive lowering for a wide array of VW/Audi vehicles. 

Our kit includes full color install instructions and can be done without removal of the entire axle, thus making for a very straightforward install, especially during the lift kit install process,

Please note - If your axle is damaged or past it's mechanical limits, noise, binding, or vibration could still be a concern. At this point we suggest axle replacement. For any 2018 up Mk7 vehicles requiring axle replacement we recommend longer driver side axle which was used in quite a few VW models including but not limited to Prefacelift (2017) Alltrack and 4 Motion Golf Sportwagen as well as 2015 to 2018 GTI, GLI, etc. The OEM part number for the longer unit is 5QM407271E. There are many affordable used options available which we strongly suggest over a lower quality new aftermarket unit. The axle spacer is still ideal to pair with this axle to compensate for the geometry change from lifting or aggressive lowering.

*Does not fit Mk5/6 TDI vehicles. Click here for that version.

*Does not fit Mk5/6/7 equipped with 100mm axle flanges.

*Tripod style axle joint require shorter hardware, please contact us if needed at

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