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OEM Style Level Links- Cayenne, Touareg, Q7 Air Suspension

OEM Style Level Links- Cayenne, Touareg, Q7 Air Suspension

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Introducing Berg Peaks Air Suspension Level Links – the ultimate solution for air suspension level links optimized for superior performance. The level links play a crucial role in your vehicle's air suspension system, connecting the sensor arm to the control arm to precisely communicate the vehicle's ride height to the air suspension control module.

-Perfect Fitment: Tailored for Porsche Cayenne 955/957/958 Chassis, Volkswagen Touareg T1/T2, Audi Q7 (up to year 2015), customizable lengths available.
-High-Quality Construction: Crafted from robust Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA for exceptional strength and durability.
-Precision Engineering: Utilizes new OEM ball joints for reliable, smooth operation.
-Optimal Lubrication: Greased with Maxima Waterproof Grease, preventing binding and wear for prolonged functionality.
-Eliminates Variances: Fixed-length design ensures uniformity and consistency, preventing errors in the air suspension system.
-Why You Need It: Guards against wear-related issues with OEM joints, replaces inferior aftermarket links prone to binding, ensuring reliable, consistent performance.

Ditch the drama of dodgy aftermarket parts and cruise confidently with Berg Peaks Air Suspension Level Links – because being stranded on the side of the road isn't a good look on anyone.

Berg Peaks Products are engineered to work with OEM components. Using aftermarket components other than Berg Peaks products may alter the engineered functionality and may void the Berg Peaks warranty.

**3 week build time, if out of stock.

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