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Berg Peaks

Berg Peaks Limb Riser

Berg Peaks Limb Riser

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What is it?

The only Porsche Cayenne custom built limb riser. These are made to fit the Cayenne body line perfectly and the only one on the market that is custom made by hand for the Porsche Cayenne. These are Berg Peaks branded limb risers. Our limb risers utilize a 1/8" steel coated cable, marine turnbuckles, and shackles that are all stainless steel. Fender mounts are 3D printed using a PAHT CF or ASA material which have been engineered to fail in a high stress encounter to prevent damage to fender or rack. The mount is supported by a larger print under the fender to provide load distribution. Both are contoured to that specific location.

Why you need them?

Steel cable limb risers to keep tree limbs and other brush from hitting your hood, windshield, and A-pillars when off-roading in wooded areas.

Each limb riser set is custom made to fit your vehicle, so we will need the measurement from the roof rack mounting point to the end of the fender. When submitting your order please place this in your order notes.

There is an additional choose your size option where we will send you a longer length of cable and an adjustable mount to the turnbuckle. For this application you would need to cut to your final length.

**This install requires drilling into your fender.
**For all packages you need to measure from your anticipated mounting point to the end of the fender (where it meets the headlight) Place measurement in your order notes when completing purchase. A template will be provided to ensure proper location.

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