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Berg Peaks

Cayenne/Touareg/ Q7 Rocker Plates - Berg Peaks/FIGS Engineering

Cayenne/Touareg/ Q7 Rocker Plates - Berg Peaks/FIGS Engineering

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Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, Audi Q7 weld in rocker plates. Purpose built for creating more room in the wheel well to improve the off-road driving experience and allow you to fit larger wheels. We built these rocker plates, because we found that other options in the market were not as strong & did not fit perfectly to the car. To that end- we have built the first rocker plates that fit nicely to the car with increased strength.

Going off-road means bigger tires, with that everyone knows rubbing comes next. Partnering with Figs Engineering we have built rocker plates that can be welded into your rocker panels to ensure you have the same look and feel as stock rockers. With our panels you can keep your fender liner. Stock rubber plug is reused for access.

**3 week order lead time needed, if out of stock.

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