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Berg Peaks

Berg Peaks Subframe Inserts

Berg Peaks Subframe Inserts

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Berg Peaks Subframe Inserts. These high-quality anodized 7075 billet aluminum subframe inserts will reduce movement and fill voids in the OEM subframe bushing, without creating a harsh ride. We recommend these for any Cayenne, Audi, Touareg, whether its off-road or road only. To replace these subframe bushings you are looking at $500 for OEM replacement parts & roughly $1,000 of shop labor per axle. With these you can save money by prolonging the life of your factory bushings and improve the handling of your vehicle at the same time.

-Increased bushing longevity (reduces movement)(Fills voids)
-Stiffens bushings w/o increased noise or vibration
-Reduces subframe movement
-Centering sleeve built in
-Bushing protection
-Increased response steering/braking
-Reduces bushing stress on trail

Fronts only: 955 Cayenne 2003-2006 & First Gen Touareg 2002-2006 (Rear bushing insert won't fit unless you have updated to superceded part found on 957 & 958 chassis)
Front & Rear: 957,958, 2nd Gen Touareg & Audi Q7 2007-2015

*If used with an aftermarket subframe drop (not Berg), the bushing will still have upward deflection due to lack of thrust surface from subframe drop spacer.
**Stock subframe bolt may be used in conjunction with up to 1/2" subframe drop
***Some aftermarket bolts with large washer may not fit. In these instances we would recommend reverting to OEM hardware or downsize washer.
**** Will only work with OEM subframe bushings, does not work with polyurethane subframe bushings

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