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Complete - Atlas Lift Kit Package

Complete - Atlas Lift Kit Package

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This Camber Correcting Lift Kit package has been compiled to offer peak performance on road and off for the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models.

Camber Correcting Lift Kit - Best handling and ride quality and the necessary camber correction for the 1.5" lift provided.

BFT Block Kit - Our solution to reduce rubbing with larger tire fitments by relocating the fender liner mounting points.

Hardware Kit - Latest revision OEM replacement hardware for all one time use nuts and bolts removed during lift kit installation.

Rear Shock Extension Kit - Extends rear shocks to compensate for lifting, improve handling, comfort, and shock life on road and off. 

Front Sway Bar Endlinks - Optimized length for lifted ride height which improves comfort and performance on all surfaces.

Front Strut Mount and Bearing Kit - These front suspension components wear over time and are critical to smooth noise free operation.

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