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Flat Splicer 3/8-1/2" Synthetic Rope Slice-On Shackle Mount

Flat Splicer 3/8-1/2" Synthetic Rope Slice-On Shackle Mount

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The Flat Splicer is the world’s first splice on folding winch rope shackle mount thimble. Finished in a durable Mil-Spec hard anodized surface, the Flat Splicer can be folded flat against winch fairleads minimizing vehicle frontal protrusion. At a mere 1.75 inches thick, and equipped with integrated EPDM rubber pads, the Flat Splicer can accommodate the pin and bow sections of common ¾ shackles as well as the pin ends of larger 7/8 shackles. Note how the spliced rope can exit the middle of the part and be routed 90 degrees along the inner radius, and back towards the winch. This innovative design allows the Flat Splicer to be stowed with the groove side facing towards the winch, thus eliminating all exposed winch rope from damaging UV light and impact/abrasion. So for all of you off-roaders that are looking for a splice-on rope thimble that completely protects the end of your winch rope without compromising your vehicle approach angle, the Flat Splicer is the product for you. NOTE: Unlike the Factor 55 ProLink and Flatlink shackle mount products, The Flat Splicer requires synthetic rope splicing knowledge. We recommend either the locking Brummel Splice or Long Bury Splice. There are many rope splicing video tutorials available on the web. Made in USA Patent Pending

WLL: Due to the splice-on design, the Working Load Limit (WLL) is based on the rope diameter used. Each Splice-On Shackle Mount exceeds minimum bend radius requirements to provide full breaking strengths of synthetic winch lines used.

• Replace conventional winch hooks with a safer more secure shackle/D-ring
• The world’s first foldable splice-on winch rope shackle mount
• Unique machined rope path provides complete rope protection from impact & UV
• Safer recoveries through Closed System Winching™
• Lightweight – Precision CNC machined 6000 series Military Grade Aluminum
• For synthetic winch rope only
• Integrated EPDM rubber pads for fairlead protection
• Connects to both the pin and bow end of common ¾” screw pin shackles
• Connects to the pin ends of 7/8” and 1” screw pin shackles
• For synthetic winch rope diameters up to ½”
• Available in Military Spec Hard Anodizing (Mil-A-8625 F Type III) and powder coated finishes
• Weight: 20oz


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